South Miami Pedestrian Bridge over US-1

Congratulations to the A&P Team on being awarded the design of the South Miami Pedestrian Bridge over US-1

The purpose of this project is to provide pedestrians with a link between the South Miami Metrorail station and the South Miami Downtown area. The main goal of this contract is to develop final constructability design documents and specifications to implement the pedestrian bridge overpass project for the City’s preferred Alternative which will be located at the intersection of US-1 and SW 71st Street. The northwestern landing of the proposed overpass would be located within Transit’s Metrorail right-of-way adjacent to the north end of the South Miami Metrorail Station. The southeastern landing would be located with SW 71st ST right-of-way, requiring that the existing street be modified to a one-way east-bound 12’ lane at the intersection with US-1, and within the City Right-of-way. The scope of work consists, but is not limited to, coordinating, and obtaining permits, performing any required traffic study, coordinating with Miami-Dade County and/or FDOT, performing any required environmental site assessments, and developing 100% construction design drawings and specifications.


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