A&P Engineers: Water Supply Intervention Plan Project, Medellín, Colombia.

A&P Consulting Transportation Engineers is thrilled to be part of the team selected for the Water Supply Intervention Plan Project in Medellín, Colombia!

This is an extremely important project that will be completed for Empresas Públicas de Medellín EPM (Public Enterprises of Medellín), which entails several residential neighborhoods along the occidental part of the city of Medellín. A&P Engineers is honored to have been awarded the project as part of a joint venture with EAG Ingenieros, a Medellín-based company.

This project provides improvements to the existing water distribution system for the indicated neighborhoods, which, due to rapid expansion, have augmented in demand for water services.  It serves to supplement the existing water distribution system to ensure that the current and future demands for water in the city and its growing residential areas are met. The project includes two new water storage tanks with a combined capacity of approximately 793,000 gallons, two water pump stations with a pumping capacity of  2710 gpm and 2585 gpm, respectively, and approximately  4,000 ft. of water main.


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