Highway and Roadway Design


The SR-836 / N.W. 87th Avenue interchange reconstruction was the final piece necessary to complete the Section 5 Master Plan. A&P Engineers was responsible for all design project management and coordination efforts. We developed the roadway geometry and final plans, led the structures concept and final design for 4 bridges, drainage, ITS, lighting, utility coordination and miscellaneous structures.


When completed, the project will provide system to connectivity between the western portion of SR-836 to SR-826 and provide the ultimate capacity improvements along the SR-836 mainline. In addition, the project will provide significant traffic operations and safety improvements for the interchange and the surrounding arterial network. One of the main goals was to improve the access from the arterial network onto the expressway and thus relieving the arterial grid, in particular, the intersection of N.W. 87th Avenue and N.W. 12th Street.


Miami-Dade Expressway



SR-836 and N.W. 87th Avenue Interchange, Florida