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Neighborhood No. 7 Nautilus


A&P’s Team, on behalf of the City of Miami Beach, provided major infrastructure improvements in this residential area. The proposed improvements included roadway, drainage, lighting, landscaping, and water systems.


In this neighborhood,


This project saw the reconfiguration of W. 42nd Street, from North Michigan Avenue to North Meridian Avenue, as well as the intersection of Prairie Avenue/Chase Avenue/W. 44th Street. Landscaping and lighting was also installed throughout the neighborhood. The drainage improvements included installation of 16,300¹ of conveyance pipe, 92 inlets, 74 manholes, gravity drainage wells, 31 pressurized drainage wells, and 6 stormwater pumping stations. This neighborhood was also provided with improvements to the water system which included 17,500¹ (Priority 2) of new 8² DIP Water Main, 16,444¹ (Priority 3) of new 8² DIP Water Main, relocation of 172 water meters (Priority 2 two), and relocation of 5 water meters (Priority 3) from the rear easement to the public sidewalks through trenchless technology.


City of Miami Beach


Nautilus Neighborhood, City of Miami Beach, Florida

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