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A&P Engineers: Main Designer for the La Gorce Neighborhood Area # 3 Improvement Project, Miami Beach.

March, 2018

A&P Consulting Transportation Engineers is proud to be part of the design-build team selected for the La Gorce Neighborhood Area 3 Improvement Project! This is a highly visible project for the City of Miami Beach, which entails the entire La Gorce Neighborhood. A&P Engineers is honored to have placed first overall in their technical proposal against a collection of highly regarded and competitive design firms.


Due to the size of the La Gorce Neighborhood, the City divided this into three separate contracts, which Area 3 is the northernmost area of the project, it includes the area from Alton Road to Biscayne Bay north of 59th Street, and the areas north of 63rd Street to the south bridge approach of La Gorce Island and 62nd Street between Alton Road and La Gorce Drive. The project will include raising the road to an average of 1.5 feet above the existing, landscape, harmonization, water, sewer, lighting, and stormwater. The stormwater system will have a new pump station with 4-20,000 gallons per minute (GPM) axial pumps with a minimum design head of 14 feet located just south of the 63rd Street Bridge and east of Pine Tree Drive and will discharge into Indian Creek. The proposed stormwater system consists of gutter inlets with 24-inch lateral connection pipes. Trunk lines mainly consist of 30, 36, 48 and 60-inch pipes throughout the area with a 96-inch pipe running along W 63rd Street from Alton Road to the proposed pump station.


Sewer Pump Station for Area 3 with a design flow of 225 GPM located in the park area north of 63rd Street between Alton Road and La Gorce Drive. The discharge pipe for this pump station shall be manifold to the proposed 8-inch inside diameter force main connecting pump station # 18 in La Gorce Island and PS # 15 at the intersection of Pine Tree Drive and 51st Street. This manifold system is connected to booster pump station # 28. Based on the 2009 CDM Peak Flow Study Report PS # 18 and # PS #15 have a modeled pressure of 93 feet and 73 feet, respectively.


Water Distribution System: The existing water distribution system in the La Gorce Neighborhood is undersized with pipe sizes varying between 2 and 6-inch inside diameter. The City has performed several pressure tests and based on the results, the pipes are severely obstructed by extensive tuberculation. The existing system does not comply with the current fire department standards for minimum pressure and flows. The proposed water distribution system will consist of 36 LF of 6-inch WM; 5157 LF of 8-inch WM; 346 LF of 16-inch WM; 322 LF of 20-inch WM; and 759 LF of 24-inch WM, also there are 93 front water meters to be replaced.