Ubaldo "Frank" Lena, P.E.


At A&P Engineers, we have dedicated vast amounts of time and effort to identifying and addressing the needs the local community in our Roadway and Highway Design.

Mr. Lena has a wealth of expertise in the management of engineering operations and in highways and urban roadways. His experience includes a 6-year tenure with the Florida Department of Transportation District VI as an Internal Design Project Manager directing a multi-disciplined design team.


He has been the Project Manager, Senior Roadway Designer, and Engineer of Record for several high-profile projects including the SR-826/N.W. 58th Street Interchange, SR-836/N.W. 17th Avenue Interchange which included the SR-836 eastbound toll plaza, the MIC/MIA (Le Jeune Road/N.W. 21st Street) Interchange, the original design of the SR-826/SR-836 Interchange, and several projects for the City of Miami and City of Hialeah. Additionally, he was responsible for the horizontal and vertical alignment of the Earlington Heights leg of the Metrorail.



Bachelor of Science

Civil Engineering, 1983

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL


1988, Florida Professional Engineer No. 40167.

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