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Doral Meadow Park 


Design-Build for the Doral Meadow Park Renovations and supporting infrastructure including utilities located at 11555 NW 58th Street, Doral, Florida. The project principally consists of the design, engineering, and construction efforts to enclose the existing covered outdoor patio space to provide 800 square feet of multi‐purpose indoor recreation space. The existing covered area is to be enclosed with storefront windows and glass double doors, the resulting interior area was air‐conditioned, and the room was completed with LVT floor tiles, and a fresh coat of paint. Also, as part of this project, the existing kitchenette area was reduced to about 60 square feet, updated the appliances and cabinet work, the kitchenette area and the corridor connecting to the new multi‐purpose recreation space were also air‐conditioned along with the multi‐purpose recreation space. A new indoor trophy case area was created next to the kitchenette, scope included new lighting for this area, and a lockable glass enclosure.


The existing conference room space was transformed to a high-tech conference room by adding speakers, and a tv screen. The conference room finish included LVT floor tiles and a fresh coat of paint. The men’s and women’s restrooms were completely renovated and brought to the latest applicable codes; including new stall partitions, ADA bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and handlebars as needed. The restrooms finish included epoxy (slip resistant) floor coating and a fresh coat of paint, and air‐conditioned. The existing office space was modified, and the existing IT equipment will be taken out of the office and placed in a new separate room next to the office.


The new IT room included a lockable door. Both the office and IT room finish will include LVT floor tiles and a fresh coat of paint. A network data drop and two (2) 240/30A, outlets were provided for the IT room, the new Multipurpose Room, and office space. A fresh coat of paint was applied to the building exterior. Other facade treatments include two (2) decorative artificial green walls on the west side of the building. A new hardscaped area of approximately 700 square feet was constructed off the northwest building quadrant, this area is to be used as a plaza. The area also included a new shade system and site furniture.




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City of Doral, Florida