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Roadway Project Manager


A&P is looking for a Roadway Project Manager to join our Transportation Business Group based in Doral, FL – Manage roadway projects for the State of Florida Department of Transportation, and several other clients including counties and municipalities throughout the state of Florida. 


  • Experience in the development of Request for Proposals (RFP), Design Criteria and all other documents packages required for FDOT Design-Build projects and FDOT Low-Bid Design-Build projects

  • Experience in leading and assisting FDOT during the Procurement Phase of FDOT Design-Build projects and FDOT Low-Bid Design-Build projects.

  • Experience in roadway design for FDOT projects, including total reconstruction for controlled access highway facilities and major arterials for FDOT District 4 and District 6 transportation projects.

  • Produce and coordinate several projects concurrently.

  • Establish client relations and be involved with marketing, contractual, design and production meetings

  • Implement QA/QC procedures


REQUIRES:  Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering with 8-15 years of experience with a State of Florida PE license.