Alternative Delivery

A&P Consulting Transportation Engineers is at the forefront of South Florida's largest, most complex Design-Build projects including the reconstruction of the SR-826/SR-836 Interchange (Section 5), reconstruction of I-395, SR-836/NW 87th Avenue Interchange Improvements, construction of the I-95 Managed Lanes, replacement of the N.W. 36th Street Bascule Bridge, construction of the Port Miami Tunnel, and many others.

Our firm's history with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), County Agencies, and Local Municipalities showcases our exceptional record of obtaining all required permits and completing our projects on time or ahead of schedule.


A&P Engineers has over 75 local employees dedicated to optimizing transportation and infrastructure Design-Build projects. We take great

pride in our ability to work as a team with the contractor, and we are exceptionally responsive with respect to post-design services, responding to RFI¹s, and resolving constructability issues.

As South Florida locals, we are committed to delivering exemplary projects that are innovative, flexible, save time and money, and are in the best interest of the public.